How To Make Money Using Pinterest

Do you know exactly how to make money using Pinterest? Most folks just do not understand how to make money using this simple social media tool. Allow me to show you one specific way you are able to leverage the power of Pinterest to make handome money.

Pinterest is similar to a great search engine. Kind of like Google images. People go to Google images looking for search terms that are actually visual related. For instance, Bora Bora island.

Individuals do not use Google images for terms like,”how to fix your leaky bathtub.” This’s much more of a reading or perhaps video related search term. Google and YouTube are the most widely used search engines for that.

You are able to pin some images you want on Pinterest. It is Bora Bora, or perhaps it can be the favorite author of yours. It does not matter. Just use popular subjects that folks will need to pin on their own Pinterest photo board.

When someone takes the pin of yours and repins it, the hosting site responsible for this’s made into a link from the picture. So if someone clicks on the image, they’re taken to the site of yours.

So in case you wanted site visitors to come to your website related to the niche of yours, you need to find images to host on your site related to your niche. When folks in Pinterest click on the image, they’ll be taken to the site of yours. Voila! Instant traffic.

After you have hosted the images of yours, you are able to just go to Pinterest and pin it. After you have pinned it and it is a widely used subject, you are going to get followers. Those followers are going to pin the image of yours and the site of yours will be noted. This turns into traffic on the site of yours.

Now you’ve traffic on the site of yours, you have to make money from it. You are able to accomplish this with some simple ways forms of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means you are able to sell other people’s stuff without you having to be in charge of delivering or perhaps manufacturing the stuff.

Some popular affiliate networks include go daddy, commission junction, and even Google AdSense. Just be sure to keep in your mind that affiliate marketing has to be really worth the effort of yours. Most affiliate marketing programs do not pay nearly what they should so you might only do 20% commissions from them.

A good affiliate marketing system should have leveraged income. When folks you sign up have others sign up, you are able to make money from those sales also. These’re the type of affiliate programs I recommend promoting whether you’re going through the effort of pinning in order to make money using Pinterest.